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Omukama Daudi Kyebambe IV ( third from left) 
 receiving foreign dignitaries at his royal court.


Omukama George Kamurasi Rukidi III
with his queen, Lady Kezia Rukidi Abwooli.


Lady Kezia Rukidi Abwooli with a young
Princess Elizabeth Bagaaya of Toro.


Omukama Patrick Kaboyo Olimi VII officiating on his second coronation.


Omukama Patrick Kaboyo Olimi VII, on the day of his second coronation,
welcomes H.E. President Yoweeri Museveni of Uganda.


King Oyo with his uncle and guardian,
Prince James Mugenyi.


H.R.H. King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru
Rukidi IV, Omukama of Toro.


H.R.H. King Oyo officiating at the Empango (moon) ceremonies.


Left to right: King Oyo, Prince James Mugenyi, Queen Best K. Olimi (King Oyo's mother), 
and Princess Nsemere Komuntale (King Oyo's Princess Royal).


Princess Elizabeth Bagaaya of Toro


King Oyo playing with his puppy.